My favorite musicians and bands

It’s Monday, and if you’re like me all you want to do right now is go right back to that ultra comfy spot you just woke up from and pull the curtains on the rest of the day. However, I know one thing that always seems to put a little extra pep in my step when I’m trying to get motivated for the day; Music! These are a few of – but not limited to – my favorite artists and bands that really know how to make my Monday blues become a distant memory.

  1. Matt Nathanson – For a lot of people he might be a one hit wonder through this song called Come On Get Higher. If you’re nodding your head because the lyrics are popping up, bingo! Matt Nathanson was introduced to me in sixth grade through a Pandora station ( ask me to remember which and I’ll tell you I have no clue ). The song was not COGH, but rather a somber toned heartbreak ballad called Bulletproof Weeks. There isn’t much more I can say to describe the sort of feeling I get listening to Matt Nathanson. If rainy days in bed were wrapped up into a musician, he’d be it. With a few sunny day summer songs that could be tied in also.
  2. Ben Rector – No, I did not discover him through that one episode of Duck Dynasty where he performs at Mary Kate and John Luke’s wedding. Though I did die a little inside of envy at that sight. Why can’t I have such a perfect voice at my own wedding some day? This ironically is a spiral affect of how I learned of this artist. I had the Matt Nathanson radio on, on Pandora and low and behold Ben Rector came on ( what song, I couldn’t tell you unless I sit and listen to all his songs until the nostalgia hits me ). Though quite the opposite of the ( usually ) heartbreaking tones and lyrics of Matt Nathanson, Ben Rector has a way to make you fall in love with someone through his music. Usually so upbeat and full of the kind of life I need on a grumpy Monday morning.
  3. The 1975 – I don’t listen to this group often anymore, but every time I turn them on I get that same feeling I did circa sophomore year when I was going through a wannabe grunge phase. Their vampy tones and the unique sound of the lead singers voice have me feeling some type of way!
  4. James Bay – That one guy that performed with Tori Kelly on the Grammy’s. Just kidding, more like that one guy who has the most beautiful voice and way with words through music. Need I say more.
  5. Adele – Now, I have to admit to something I’m not so proud of. Back in the day when Adele and the Jonas Brothers were up against each other for best new artist and Adele won, I professed my undying hate for her because 12 year old me was appalled that someone as good as Adele could beat out the same boy band I voted single-handedly for at least twenty times. In all seriousness, Adele has the best female vocals I’ve ever heard ( in my own opinion, of course ) and long may she live on top of the charts.

We’ll leave it at five, because if I keep going, I may never end. I listen to all sorts of music, arguably every genre except the one where they scream the lyrics violently. Let’s just say I’m not a huge fan of Hot Topic. If you haven’t heard of some or any of these artists ( well if you haven’t heard of Adele, I do apologize for the rock you’re under ) then I do hope I’ve inspired you just a bit to find time to pull them up on YouTube. All these opinions are my own and I in no way intend to say any music you listen to is less superior.

If Mondays could be happy I’m wishing you one.